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Secure Coding

Essential practices and defences 



Eight weeksUp to five hours per week

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Online course Independent learning with hands-on lab activities

In today’s interconnected and increasingly digital world, secure coding is a fundamental aspect of responsible and trustworthy software development. It is essential for ensuring programs and systems are resistant to security threats, and enables you to employ secure design principles and implement safeguards to avoid potential risks.

This eight-week course is developed in partnership with the University of Waterloo's Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute. Designed for software developers and engineers, this course introduces key concepts for securing software applications so you can protect sensitive data, prevent security breaches, and ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of software products. It explores the strategies you can use throughout the software development lifecycle to make code more secure and reduce the need for costly security patches in the future.

Through case studies featuring real-world examples, you will discover the common vulnerabilities that exist within systems and better understand how to protect against them. You will also learn how modern secure coding tools and practices, such as secure coding with artificial intelligence (AI), can minimize risk and foster a safer and more resilient digital environment for your organization and your users.



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