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Lead and manage with confidence

Whether you are an aspiring leader or experienced manager, we have courses designed to help you enhance your professional skills. Access knowledge from world renowned professors, researchers, and industry leaders from the University of Waterloo. Register today to continue your lifelong learning journey with WatSPEED.

Certificate programs and featured courses

Digital Transformation

This eight-week course addresses the impact that technology is having on our workforce, and helps you discover new technologies and develop a plan for their integration into your workplace.

Essentials of Supervision

Learn how to successfully transition from employee to supervisor, and better understand how to build teams with the in-demand skills and experience needed to thrive in today's marketplace.


Gain the valuable insights and skills needed to lead teams to success. Access experiential learning to help you question your fundamental assumptions, beliefs, and values regarding leading or managing people.

Advanced Leadership

Focus on the practical aspects of working with people to obtain their maximum commitment to organizational and personal goals.

Project Management

The curriculum for this certificate program is compatible with the project management industry standard set by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

All business and project management courses

AI and Business Strategy

Join Dr. Joël Blit, Dr. Jimmy Lin, and Dr. J. Mark Weber for this three-part executive sprint to learn how the AI landscape is evolving and the implications this will have for the future of work and organizational strategies at large.

Digital Transformation

Understand the impact that technology is having on our workforce, discover new technologies, and develop a plan for their integration into your workplace.

Foundations of Adaptive Project Delivery: Agile Hands-On

Use agile simulations, realistic project scenarios, group discussions, and hands-on exercises to understand adaptive project management approaches.

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Build essential skills to navigate one of the most challenging aspects of many projects: Managing stakeholder expectations.

Modern Analytics for Business Forecasting

Learn to work comfortably and confidently with predictive analytics. Designed for organizational or team leaders who make or impact business decisions.

People Skills: The Secret Behind Project Success

Better understand yourself and the specific techniques and strategies that enable you to communicate and engage with others successfully.

Project Management Applied Tools and Techniques

Learn about powerful tools and techniques for managing the complete project life cycle. Designed for new or aspiring project leaders and project team members.

All leadership courses

Coaching for Success

Build the best coaching techniques for your workplace. Learn how you can get more from your teams and colleagues through tried-and-true methods of coaching.

Delegating for Dynamic Results

Understand the process of delegating and explore effective delegation techniques. Learn how to motivate and continuously develop staff.

Essential Skills for New and Potential Supervisors

Transition from team member to team supervisor or manager while enhancing your capability for success.

Hiring and Retaining Staff

Understand how your organization can stay competitive in today's labour market. Learn how to attract the best people and retain them after they are hired.

Leading Change for Team Leaders

Establish the skills and knowledge you need to empower your team to accept change, encourage improved performance, and lead innovation.

Leading People to Effectiveness

Improve your understanding of yourself and your leadership style. Explore the most fundamental work of leaders to achieve important business outcomes.

Meetings Mean Business

Get more out of your meetings and increase your confidence to lead team members. Learn to identify the differences between task and interpersonal issues in a group.

Managing the Opportunities Provided by Conflict

Rather than focus on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, learn techniques to curb destructive behaviors and effectively respond to conflict situations.

Performance Management and Development

Manage performance while inspiring and motivating employees and meeting numeric targets.

Planning and Organizing Work

Improve results by aligning tasks with organizational and team goals. Learn practical tools that will instill confidence as you plan and organize work with your team.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Leaders

Develop the knowledge and tools you need to help people creatively tackle everyday workplace problems and decisions.

Strategic and Business Planning

Improve your capacity to look ahead and plan for the future. Learn how to create a vision and strategic plans to help your organization achieve your goals that are deeply rooted in your business' values.

Supervisory Communication Skills

Explore the essentials of supervisory communication and learn concepts and techniques that will help you better lead or manage teams.

Team Building and Team Dimensions

Learn the powerful principles that empower people to reframe what it means to work together.

The Art of Negotiation

Develop the knowledge and attitudes required to improve your negotiation skills. Equip yourself with techniques you can employ during real-life situations where your wants or needs conflict with others.

Time Management for Modern Hybrid Work

Establish control over your time while resisting the perpetual cycle of speed for speed’s sake. Learn to look at individual time effectiveness in twelve critical areas.

Understanding Human Behaviour

Improve your interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence. Learn to communicate more effectively with others, build stronger working relationships, and increase your performance in both your professional and personal life.

Understanding Your Agile EQ

Explore the concept of emotional intelligence and introduces the idea of Agile EQ – the ability to stretch beyond one’s comfort zone and adopt the best response in each situation.