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Virtual instructor-led course

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Change management is often viewed as a separate discipline from project management. It typically occurs as part of the project roll-out. This is why the time and cost required to train staff to understand a new software system is only considered once the software has been developed. It is also why organizations may fail to identify other key processes that are impacted by the project, and why key stakeholders become more likely to resist change.

This course addresses change enablement and adoption through the effective integration of change management activities. Rather than treating change management as a separate entity, you will learn how change management activities are integrated into project management processes. Additionally, you will discover the benefits of having a more integrated approach to your change adoption and sustainability, including earlier and more cost-effective opportunities to adapt project outcomes and encourage widespread, earlier, change.

Whether you are using a predictive, adaptive, or hybrid project management approach, this course will help you achieve greater project success and improve project value. Learning takes place through discussion and application of course materials through hands‐on group exercises based on a realistic project scenario.

This course can be taken as part of the Project Management Certificate.


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